3 Reasons of K Pop Popularity

K Pop reasons of Popularity

With the coming of K pop the music world has changed. Ganghnam style which became a super hit was the peak point. But believe me K Pop is not a flash in the pan. Regular worldwide hits are being churned out of Korea. So you must be wondering what makes them so popular.

Well there are few things to make note of. The videos made by them are ingenious. The stars are talented and sheer hard work sets them apart. However there are many other reasons why it has become so popular in such little time.

Costume and use of colour – Watch any of the music videos and you will find creative use of costume and colour in K pop. Every music video has a storyline with well thought out lyrics that are a part of the whole vision. You have to listen to actually understand the story telling part.

Taking personality to a new Level – K Pop stars are all extravagantly dressed and wear eye-popping dress. Well that is a part of the strategy to make the personality (the star) stand out. In fact the stars become idols as they are called. Self expression is taken to a super level by creating and nurturing the personalities.

Combination of fashion and melody – KPop blends fashion and melodious music quite well. Fashion is Omnipresent in all videos and the fashion becomes a trend. Also the music with the fashion is melodious. It is the science behind the melody that cuts through the language barrier.

More and more people are learning Korean to get closer to the K pop trend. Brace yourself for the fresh music and songs from K pop in the New Year.

KPOP to Live To – Playlists.


K-POP workout playlist, 16 free KPop tunes

Anyone used this one?

Do you tend to listen to certain music for particular jobs or chores? If you do let me know which ones for which, I would love to compare them with mine.

Like at the moment I am listening to a range of KPop girl bands, with a particular emphasis on Mamomoo, thoroughly enjoying Piano Man. I just love their soulful sound. Mind you my playlist for working on my computer would not be complete without some GG. Girls generation has improved so much over 2015, I have gone from “no way I am having that sugary sweet stuff on my playlist” to downloading everything they have done this year. Favourite, Lion Heart, always makes the daily routines better, especially traffic jams!! GFRIENDS also make travelling anywhere a pleasure. Not sure on my favourite there – will let you know when I decided.

My job for today is to make a playlist for some exercise I am planning to start – what would you choices be?  I am a bit of a couch potato and after some badgering from my partner I said I would do some jogging with him this month. Not sure how it will go but if I do not have THE best playlist it will not last more than one run!

YouTube is great and I have found some cool playlists on there that have saved me time  –  I can lose a day and a night making a playlist, well they need care and attention to details, getting the right song to generate the right mood. Yes? No? How do you decide what you are putting on your playlist? This one of all the new 2015 Kpop 2015 tunes is a very nice shortcut.

August Bits and Bobs

I talked a little about girl groups last post and mentioned Girls’ Generation, little did I think I would be talking about them again so soon they really are a sensation

First off, Tiffany of Girls’ Generation opened the east coast KCon, telling the many New Yorker who had waited since 2am that,”  “Finally, finally, finally KCON has arrived to New York. They say New York is the city of dreams and I’m so happy that I get to be the first one to introduce KCON to your extraordinary city.” This American essential all things Korean music festival is now bi coastal. The Girls’ Generation appeared with three other acts; VIXX, AOA, Teen Top. The night was an outstanding success and one I am sorry that I missed. Apparently some tech problems where around but nothing too much.   I was at the two-day LA KCon and that was just superb there is so much to write about it I just don’t seem to get around to it. I will see what I can do the next month.

Also this month Girls’ Generation album Lion Heart has soared to number 1 spot on the Billboards World Album charts ensuring their place among the select Kpop groups with multiple no 1’s. Apparently the video is introducing a ‘new look’ to its female fans; not exactly new so to speak more a return to vintage American that I personally find very attractive. Kpop continues to influence fashion and hairstyles in a positive way.

A vintage look for the Lion Heart Album, 1950s chic at its best.

Girls’ generation Tiffany looking very 1950’s



     Attention-Stealing All Girl K-Pop Groups

It is true that pop groups come and go. Some manage to compete at the top of the charts but some have a one-hit wonder and then disappear into obscurity. With the K-pop scene, there are some girl bands and groups which rose to significant prominence in the late ’90s already, and certainly domestic interest hasn’t simmered. There are a few K-pop girl groups who are still ‘attention-stealing’ so its worth knowing one or two of these girl groups.

Girls’ Generation  is a 9 member group who have gained an enormous fan base which earned them some notable accolades. They were actually the first girl group to have a music video which got more than 100 million views on YouTube. Quite a feat for this girl group was winning the video of the year at the YouTube Music Awards. The act has a number of chart-topping albums in Korea and Japan, America and China.

girls generation

After School is another only girl group and made up of 8 members. Early last year it was announced that their single Week scored 1 on a number of music charts.This all girl group recently trained for 6 months for an athletic pole dance routine for their new single ‘First Love’ and is known as not only a pop music group but providing their fans with entertainment too.

K-Pop Bubbling over Into Mainstream Music

While the buzz in Korean pop isn’t new there are some people who still aren’t aware that K-pop is bubbling over into the mainstream. K-pop is worth billions today, so it worth getting to know just some of the weird and wacky features around K-pop. If you want to become a K-pop fan, it helps to know a bit of the lingo. K-pop for instance has become familiar with the word ‘Sasaeng’ because these are obsessive fans whose behaviour sometimes goes over the top.

Other interesting about K-pop is did you know for instance that K-pop groups are often made up of acronyms? Like BTOB which stands for Born to Beat and 2NE1 which stands for New Evolution of the 21st Century. Just these weird names set them apart most pop groups of the world. Something else unusual about K-pop groups is their unusually large sizes. Another acornym-named group is EXO who have not less than 12 members.

Big labels in K-pop are SM Entertainment. They actually kicked off K-pop in the 1990s. They’re home to Girl’s Generation. Girls’ Generation is also known as SNSD they also started off with 9 members, and currently have 8.

If you’re a social media fan, you’ll see that K-pop is getting big – very big in fact and some people reckon bigger than Bieber himself in terms of social media. Certainly worthy checking out.

Nickelodeon makes a k-pop show!

K-pop mania has officially gone mainstream with Nickelodeon announcing a K-Pop TV programme. The show, called “Make It Pop” is going to debut on the popular children’s channel this April. The show is going to be a musical comedy and it is going to revolve around the lives of three high school girls who are trying to form their own K-pop group.

The show seems to reach out to a wide target audience- espeically since one of the characters Corki is bookish and nerdy, Jodi is a fashion first girl and Sun Hi is a pro at handling social media PR. The one thing that connects them is their music and their dream to form a K-Pop group.

Make it Pop

Nickelodeon has cast Megan Lee as Sun Hi, so it is easy to assume that Sun Hi is going to be the focus of the show. Megan Lee became famous as a Youtube sensation, and is famous for her covers of popular songs. Louriza Tronco and Erika Tham will be playing the other two characters, Jody and Corki.

Megan Lee’s work is certainly amazing and the show promises to be entertaining, if not groundbreaking. It is great to see K-Pop get such mainstream appreciation from such a huge TV company too.

FT ISLAND in Paris


FTISLAND a South Korean pop group popular since 2007


Well I have had a real treat last week, went to see FTISLAND in Paris. My girlfriend treated me to the trip; apparently she had been able to get some extra cash via her website; by becoming an affiliate,  she could earn money online with Ferratum loans, maybe I should consider doing the same on my site.

I am currently in London so not as big a trip as if from LA and one of the things I have wanted to do while here is go on the Eurostar, so pleased we travelled that way, fantastic, I am like a kid with trains.

FTISlAND, short for Five Treasure Island, are a South Korean pop group of 5 lads.  Choi Jong-hoon , Lee Hongki, Lee Jae jin, Song Seung-hyun and Choi Min-hwan.  The lads came to the forefront in 2007 with a bestselling debut album “Cheerful Sensibility” and their debut single “Lovesick” topped the K-Pop charts for eight consecutive weeks.  I saw them in South Korea in 2009, and again in Canada in 2011. I like their energy and their fans, like most fans in K-Pop are very loyal and spread throughout South Korean and Japan. I read a very good article recently about them; in the article they asked if  FTISLAND are Idol, Band or Musicians and then goes on, in an very articulate piece, to say that they fit into all categories and I agree with the author there is nothing wrong with that. All in all the entire concert was amazing, the fans willing to talk with me and I have a couple of really nice interviews that I think I will be able to use. Paris as always is fantastic although very overshadowed by the recent shootings and the sense of wariness was ever present.

If you get the chance go see this band, well worth it.

K-Pop is mainstream.

G-Dragon leader of  K_Pop B


K-Pop as I have already posted is music that is attracting many many followers, so much so that we could actually say it is now mainstream music, its culture and its following is worldwide and I think all of this has been very successfully orchestrated. K-Pop’s influence in many areas is starting to be seen, certainly in the fashion industry. K-Pop stars are collaborating with big music names, such as Bauer & Missy Elliot with G-Dragon, lead singer for BigBand. G-Dragon is one of the biggest names in K-Pop and his androgynous style is copied globally by his fans, he has even been front cover for Italian vogue.  G-Dragon along with other K-Pop stars are now be performing with big US names which legitimises K-Pop from a very large subculture of a music genre into mainstream music business. Another big K-Pop name Lee Seung-chul joined with a North Korean Defector choir With-U to perform a song ‘The Day’ – official song of Seoul’s One Nation campaign, requesting peace and the unification of Korea. They performed it on the Islands of Dokdu, and these are Islands which have ownership claims form North and South Korea as well as Japan promoting both the campaign and the singers.

Lee Seung-chul singing with North Korean defector choir for the campaign One nation

Lee Seung-chul

Now while we might not be promoting K-Pop on UK radio or in our media they have certainly played to packed audiences, the internet being their biggest medium, using blogs and Youtube videos. Some of the YouTube videos have broke records for the viewing figures, PSY for ‘Gangnam Style’ and Girl Generation forI got a boy’. The Korean music industry knows a good thing when they see it. These groups have been trained from as young as 11 to be pop stars, they undergo strict training regimes and really give their lives over to their management, an example of this is Prince Mak, an Australian who went to Korea to become a star and he is certainly showing he canput in the hard work demanded of his manager.  Yes K-Pop is well managed, well organized and well financed and using the medium of the internet are worldwide sensations, I wonder what is next for them?


How K-Pop Changed the Music Scene

K-Pop has made itself a force to be reckoned with. It’s surprising that a branch of music previously considered obscure now gets millions of views on YouTube, and has it’s own international festival. However, now when you start thinking about how different K-Pop is from the music and the music videos we were traditionally given, it’s no surprise it is this popular.

Big Bang-Fantastic Baby

First of all, K-Pop videos are not scared of going all the way out there. They are spectacular, larger than life, and provide a unique visual treat. They usually have overreaching themes, stories and sometimes, social messages. All of this is drawn together and held together by incredibly catchy tunes and dance moves that are so crazy they are good.

K-Pop Music Videos are extravagant

K-Pop bands tend to be really diverse. There might be a lot of thematic similarities, but there is a tonne of variations. Korean bands tend to have a lot of members- Super Junior, one of the most popular boy bands, has a whopping 12 members! This gives them the ability to experiment with their music a lot, and keep things fresh.

Super Junior- KPop Band

The bottom line is the fact that Korean pop music is nothing like the world has seen before. It’s a fresh breath of air; it’s over the top, but not pretentious; it’s funny, serious and will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

K Pop takes on the world

K-pop seeks global domination

There are now many english language sites dedicated to K-Pop  all around the world. One of my favourites is this one from America, the role reversal image of wholesome white American boys and girls emulating their favourite K-Pop stars, compared to 20 years ago when young Koreans desperately wanted to be like their young American idols is fantastic – this month they even have a K-Pop Halloween special, brilliant!

I remember once reading about an English girl who loved K-Pop so much, she travelled all the way to South Korea to audition for the show K-Pop Star and, despite not speaking a word of Korean, performing hit songs. There have been similar stories like this from Australia and America, it’s just amazing to see how worldwide it’s become. We read a lot about Asian girls having facial surgery to look more anglo, who knows maybe one day this will cause a reversal, anglo girls desperate to look like their heroes – already fans all over the world are buying the same clothes as their favourite K-Pop stars, and online sites are writing stories  like this one showing how you can dress like them.

The success of K-Pop is opening the eyes of people around the world to a culture completely different to their own, and that can only be a good thing.